Novedades Libros Inglés (enero 2010): THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK

enero 7, 2010

Anne Frank began to keep a diary on her thirteenth birthday, June 12, 1942, three weeks prior to going into hiding with her mother Edith Frank, father Otto Frank, sister Margot Frank and four other people, Hermann van Pels, Auguste van Pels, Peter van Pels, and Fritz Pfeffer, in the sealed-off upper rooms of the annex of her father’s office building in Amsterdam. In the published version, names were changed: the van Pels are known as the van Daans and Fritz Pfeffer is known as Mr. Dussel. With the assistance of a group of Otto Frank‘s trusted colleagues, they remained hidden for two years and one month, until their betrayal in August 1944, which resulted in their deportation to Nazi concentration camps. Of the group of eight, only Otto Frank survived the war. Anne died in Bergen-Belsen from a typhus infection in early March, shortly (about two weeks) before liberation by British troops in April 1945.


Novedades Libros Inglés (enero 2010): THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO

enero 7, 2010

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (original title in Swedish: “Män som hatar kvinnor” – “Men Who Hate Women”) is an award-winning crime novel by the late Swedish author and journalist Stieg Larsson, the first in his “Millennium Trilogy“.

A middle-aged journalist, Mikael Blomkvist, publishes the magazine Millennium in Stockholm. In the opening courtroom drama, Blomkvist loses a libel case brought by accused Swedish industrialist Hans-Erik Wennerström, and this has serious repercussions for the future of Millennium. In disgrace, Blomkvist agrees to be hired by Henrik Vanger, the aged former CEO of the Vanger companies, owned by a wealthy but dysfunctional dynasty. The old man offers not only to help his financially strapped magazine, but also to give him information to prove that Wennerström is corrupt. Officially, he is to spend a year writing the Vanger family history.

Blomkvist’s real mission, however, is to solve a cold case—the disappearance, some forty years previously, of Vanger’s great-niece Harriet when she was sixteen. Blomkvist encounters “the old Miss Marple closed-room scenario” with all the rich suspects marooned on the family estate on an island, “a village we grow familiar with, full of hostile locals peering out from behind their curtains”…

Novedades Libros inglés (diciembre 2009): THREE CUPS OF TEA (Mortenson, Greg And Relin, David Oliver)

noviembre 30, 2009

This is an as-told-to biography of American Greg Mortenson, who has devoted his life to building schools in the remotest mountains of Pakistan. After a failed attempt to scale the earth’s second highest peak, K2, he stumbles into an isolated mountain village, where he resolves to repay the generosity of the village leader and his people by building them a school. Mortenson’s struggle to fulfill that promise and then committing himself to fund raising and building many more schools, for both boys and girls in this Muslim country, is the central subject of this long, well detailed book…

Novedades Libros Inglés (noviembre 2009): SECRET CODES (Ken Beatty)

noviembre 9, 2009

For thousands of years people have used codes and ciphers to keep secrets from people who will do anything to learn them. How did secret messages cause a queen to lose her head? How have lost languages finally been understood? How did one little-known language help a country win a war? Read this book and find out…

Novedades Libros Inglés (septiembre 2009): DON’T BELIEVE YOUR EYES! (Rob Waring)

octubre 8, 2009

Camogli is a small town in Italy. People there paint in a special style called `trompe l`oeil.` These paintings are so good, viewers think they`re real things, but they`re not. They`re paintings! What things are real in Camogli?


enero 7, 2009

Este mes hemos adquirido para vosotros varias guías de viaje de la colección de El País:

– Bruselas en 2 días – Venecia en 2 días

– Berlín en 2 días – Londres en 2 días

– Dublín en 2 días – Edimburgo en 2 días

– Malta en 2 días